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March 27, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Atkins & Potts – free tasters in Apley Farm Shop on Sat 2 April

Atkins & Potts logo

Bernaise sauce

Bernaise sauce

Atkins & Potts are coming to offer free tasters to customers in Apley Farm Shop this weekend, on Sat 2 April, 10-2pm. In our family, we all enjoy many of their sauces at home, so I can highly recommend them ! Look at these awards they’ve won:

Hollandaise Sauce – two time Great Taste Award Winner (1 star in 2008 and 2014)

Béarnaise Sauce – Great Taste Award Winner (1 star in 2013)

Seafood Sauce – Great Taste Award Winner (1 star in 2012)

Wasabi & Lime Dressing – Great Taste Award Winner (1 star in 2011)

There are recipe ideas & suggestions on the back of every label but there are some more below & yet more on their website:

  • Hollandaise – you can gently warm it or use it cold. With eggs benedict, fishcakes, bubble and squeak, with poached salmon, dip steamed vegetables.
  • Béarnaise – you can gently warm it or use it cold. Classic with steak, delicious with fish, in a tuna sandwich, thin and bake into a potato gratin, amazing for a potato salad.
  • Seafood Sauce – use instead of mayonnaise in a smoked salmon sandwich, serve with fishcakes, try in an egg sandwich, classic for a prawn cocktail.
  • Bramley Apple Sauce – a classic with pork but also good in pancakes with a little cinnamon.
  • Dill Mustard – classic with salmon gravadlax, really good served with steamed vegetables and delicious in a poached salmon or chicken salad.
  • Green Peppercorn – great in a roast beef or sausage sandwich, in a bagel with smoked salmon or stirred into mashed potatoes.
  • Honeyed Cranberry – amazing in a bacon and brie sandwich, try adding to homemade ice cream or smoothies.
  • Herb & Garlic – stir through hot pasta before serving, delicious for a leftover lamb salad or over mixed greens.
  • Wasabi & Lime – amazing with griddled avocado, barbecued salmon kebabs, as a dip for sushi and with crab salad.
  • Honey & Mustard – try with a bacon and spinach salad, chicken and potato salad or over warm asparagus or broccoli.
  • Raspberry & Black Pepper – add to chicory for sweetness and tang, amazing with goat’s cheese or feta or with a papaya and spinach salad.

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