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March 22, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley butcher news

2016-03-21, Apley fillet of beef

Apley fillet of beef

2016-03-10, Bridgnorth Journal, National Butchers' Week PR, Craig Whitehouse

Chicken Apley

Chicken Apley

National Butchers’ Week is over for another year – here’s the Bridgnorth Journal article again if you missed it.

Especially for the week, Craig & John created a new product- Chicken Apley – the Apley version of Chicken Kiev! They’re £3.75 each – chicken fillet stuffed with duck fillet & orange infused butter either wrapped in bacon or in breadcrumbs.

I’ve just had this awesome fillet of Apley beef for supper last night – sooo succulent. I asked Venetia why she was eating so slowly & she said it was so she could enjoy it for as long as possible !

I’ve got a few other snippets of butcher news:

  1. Venison will be ready for the Easter weekend. The end of the season is 30 April so enjoy it whilst you can/
  2. There’s only another month left to run on the £20 Dine at Home meal deal for two people which expires 30 April.
  3. Adrian our Farm Manager has just confirmed that Apley Home Farm has just been selected to be the AHDB farm for Shropshire. The AHDB is the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board –  a levy board which represents cattle, sheep, pigs, milk, potatoes, cereals, oilseeds & horticulture. More on that very soon.
  4. The Creamery Cafe’s Dish of the Week is lamb koftas served with chargrilled pitta bread, a cucumber, mint & riata, served with a vegetable cous cous (nb. riata is an Indian yoghurt sauce dip).
  5. I love our new strap line: Super people eat super food – find it at Apley Farm Shop. The best place to start this is of course on the butchery counter.
  6. Our online DeliShop has a huge selection of products ready for your Easter entertaining – some are only available for Click & Collect, others can be home delivered. Click HERE to login.
  7. Don’t miss our Easter Funday – indoors in the old dairy retail unit.

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