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March 11, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Transparent sugar debate

2016-03-11, Venice shopsRecently we discussed the ‘transparent sugar’ debate – ie. sugar from known, Fair Trade sources.  With obesity levels at their highest internationally & Fair Trade increasingly significant, the sugar debate is being discussed more widely then ever before: It’s the new tobacco which was first introduced to the Europeans in 1492 when Columbus landed in the Americas. At the time no one guessed how damaging to health it would be. Now they’re looking at sugar in the same light.

Shoppers are becoming more discerning & parents more responsible as their children bring home their increased awareness from school programmes.  They are more aware than previous generations of the sugar content in all foods – fructose in fruit & fruit juices, hidden sugars in cereals.  We have collectively raised our awareness for our own health & our consciences for those less fortunate than ourselves around the world.  Developed countries can benefit themselves from being seen to be doing what’s right, by supporting other international producers, especially those in developing countries.

Shops are obliged to be stocking the fashionable foods – so if old-style pure refined sugar sweets are going out of fashion, it’s mad for retailers not to be stocking the latest, healthier versions, such as fruit strings (though still high in sugar) & popcorn that children will accept as alternatives – moving with the times is essential.

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