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February 16, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Frozen fish sold at Apley Farm Shop

Big Fish Brands

Big Fish Brands

2016-01-12, Big Fish Brand (3)Apley Farm Shop sells frozen fish from Big Fish which we eat twice weekly at home & love it. The children love their fish cakes & their salmon takes minutes in the Aga, oven or microwave. There’s no need to add sauces, as they’re so tasty & delicious just as they come.

When we arrive home on Friday nights, it’s the perfect thing to pop in the oven whilst I unpack & get the children into their pyjamas. They make great mid week family suppers (so great for school holidays). Pick up some Apley Walled Garden vegetables, my favourite Alb-Gold egg noodles, some Apley cheese & an Apley cake to complete your meal (treat yourself to wine & chocolates too perhaps !). I love always having some in the freezer for emergencies !

Here’s a bit about Big Fish:

Big Fish Brand premium seafood dishes are made from responsibly sourced Atlantic salmon & prepared with pride by JCS Fish, which are one of the UK’s leading seafood companies & specialists in salmon. They aim to bring a fresh, dynamic approach, to help customers make the most of salmon as one of the most delicious, healthy & readily available fish. They supply both fresh & frozen products. Their fish is processed in Grimsby (North East Lincolnshire), the heart of the UK’s fish processing industry. 

They source only the finest quality fish from accredited salmon farms in Scotland, Norway & the Faroes, all of whom are closely focused on efficient production with minimum impact on the environment & wild fish stocks. Their Scottish suppliers are members of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) & are required to participate in the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture. As the world population continues to grow & the demand for seafood increases, aquaculture has an important role to play in meeting demand, whilst at the same time reducing sourcing pressure on wild fish stocks.  Farmed salmon is also a more efficient way of using resources to grow protein-rich food than the farming of land animals [let’s keep a balance of meat & fish here, after all we are an agricultural estate in a land-locked county!].  

Their heritage dates back nearly 100 years to Jack Carlisle Smith, an early pioneer of Grimsby’s seafood industry. JCS Fish Ltd was then founded in 2000 by Andrew and his wife Louise. The salmon farming industry relies on marine raw material for feed & consequently has a very strong economic motive to ensure that any wild fish stocks used for salmon feed are sustainably managed.  They only buy from salmon suppliers who use feeds are made with fish-meal sourced from fisheries that are responsibly managed. In their facilities, they combine the most modern equipment with the very best elements of the local seafood heritage which is so important to their company.

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