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October 3, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Medlars at Apley Farm Shop


Francis hugging Harry


Early morning Autumn fog

2014-10-27, Medlars from Moorville 2 2015-10-03, Medlar jelly recipe JPEGMedlars will be soon available again in Apley Farm Shop. To make medlar jelly, they may need bletting – see foot of recipe for explanation ! I’d never heard of bletting until this evening & medlars grow in my neighbours garden, but I have to admit, are not widely known. Others can’t wait for them to become available at this time of year, including some of our family, who have been asking me for this recipe.

We just collected some delicious smelling rye grass hay from a local farmer. It’s a beautiful evening & the hay smelt so lovely, it made the whole trip very pleasurable ! As we unloaded, bats swirled around above us, probably from the bat hole we were obliged to install when we renovated a building nearby. The day began with fog, which I’ve tried to capture on camera, but of course, it’s rather tricky – there’s not much to see !

I took Francis to buy rugby boots this morning & when he saw there was only 1 on the shelf, he said “but Mummy, we can’t buy those ones, there isn’t a pair !”

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