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August 4, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden progress

2015-08-04, AWG progress (15)

View through the glasshouses – Apley Walled Garden

Harvesting oil seed rape

Harvesting oil seed rape

2015-08-04, Dog show signs on lime avenue entrance to AFS

Dog show signs on lime tree avenue entrance

2015-08-04, Hedgecutting


Shadows on the glasshouse walls

Shadows on the glasshouse walls

2015-08-04, AWG progress, nasturciums 1

Edible nasturcium flowers

We had a great catch up today in Apley Walled Garden with Phil Allen, Head Gardener there. I adore this rather magical photo here taken looking through the multiple glasshouses which Phil has been clearing month by month.

The cuca-melons were just like stripey, baby water melons but won’t be bigger than the crystal lemons I tasted last week (which are soooo good). In the glasshouse yet to be cleared, rather romantically, there is bindweed climbing up brambles as in a mini jungle. We followed the path lined with cut flowers (attracting bees) & flowering artichokes (which will be sold to local florists), then a side path edged with lavender & red tiles. On the penultimate section to be brought back into production, there were clouds of coriander, the next crop of beetroot (nearly ready) & carrots (not at all ready). I spotted this unusual colour of [edible] nasturcium – so pretty in salads. A few of the fruit trees have been affected by aphid damage, but not the old (probably 1920s) pear tree, which is probably growing from its original root stock. Finally, just before leaving, we pinched some yummy pea tendrils & peas in the pod & ‘yard long’ (they literally are that) beans.

When I whizzed back to the farm shop later & spotted Jason & Alan fixing these great wooden dog cut outs on the avenue of lime trees which line the entrance drive to Apley Farm Shop, advertising our first ever Apley Dog Show on Saturday 15 August. On my way home (sorry, rather dark cloudy photos !), I spotted local farmers hedge cutting & harvesting oil seed rape (fills the air with a delicious smell).

Meet & chat with Phil at the Shrewsbury Flower Show on 14-15 August where we will have a small Apley Walled Garden stand.

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