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May 1, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden courses & private tours

2015-04-29, AWG leaflet - side 2

Apley Walled Garden is open for gardening courses & private tours – all details are on the leaflet shown here. So if you’re a gardener & keen to benefit from Phil’s wealth of knowledge, book in on Wednesday 27 May is the next Beginner’s Gardening course. NB. All courses & tours must be pre-booked.

Our Head Gardener Phil Allen updated me yesterday on progress in the garden: The longer daylight hours are enabling him to making faster progress in the gardens. Sowing both indoors & outdoors is currently non-stop. This year much more has been started off inside, to allow for maximum growth before being planted outdoors. The danger of frost will pass in the next few weeks which will see a change in colour within the garden from brown to green.

Martin, our Head Chef in The Creamery Café at Apley Farm Shop continues to use up all the available salad leaves from the garden.  Stuart Philips of The Hundred House Hotel, Norton, came to the garden last week & use some of Phil’s produce as it becomes available.  Our retired woodman Gordon has kindly been volunteering by helping to make the cabbage cages to protect cabbages from birds. Phil now just needs to add wire before installing them.

Phil’s delighted another polytunnel has arrived – this time 60ft long & 25ft wide, which means he can start to produce much larger quantities for the Creamery café, Apley Farm Shop & hopefully also as last year, the University of Wolverhampton. The timbers to which to attach the polytunnel arrived today, so he can start installing that next week.

Just a little PS about the blossom this year (after a good Summer last year & few frosts this year) which has been so amazing. I always delight in cycling through blossom confetti covered roads, often dodging the April showers ! Venetia is currently reading Anne of Green Gables & read this lovely bit to me last week (it’s Anne speaking): “Oh look here’s a big bee just tumbled out of an apple blossom. Just think what a lovely place to live, in an apple blossom !”

2015-04-29, AWG leaflet - side 1

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