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April 17, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden news

2015.02.04, Glasshouse repairs

Glasshouse repairs

2015.01.04, Rocket


2015.01.04, Mizuna


2015.01.04, Indian Mustard

Indian Mustard

2015.02.04, Glasshouse repairs (2)

Glasshouse repairs

One of Apley Walled Garden’s original greenhouses began to be renovated last week, so I was very excited to go & see it this week.

The roof bars & old guttering have been removed, the old timber treated & the guttering repainted ready to be replaced.

Whilst there, Phil Allen, Head Gardener, updated me: Pak Choi & broad beans are in the Polytunnel. Three types of beetroot are in bed 16: Chioggia, Albino & Pablo (baby deep purple). Three types of lettuces are in another polytunnel – Lolla Rossa, Red Deer’s Tongue & Bull’s Blood. Three types of pumpkins have been planted in the melon pit: Thai, Bonbon & Turk’s Turban. Cucumelons (cross between cucumbers & melons). Flowers being grown are carnations, Sweet William. Holly Hocks, Amaranthus, Dahlias & Zinnerias, Alyssum & Malvia. Also Stocks, Passiflora & Ammobium (which looks like a dried flower). Banana shallots & Red Baron shallots have been sown (they’re only available from seed).  The tomatoes (which are nearly all heritage varieties) & cucumbers are nearly ready to be planted on from the melon pit (wonderfully hot) into the greenhouses.

Phil admitted the rabbits are currently posing a bit of a problem, burrowing under the walls like Peter Rabbit !

Course news is that the first day of the Three Season Gardening course just took place on Wed 15 April & the first Beginners’ Marketing Course stars Wed 25 April.

We produce weekly crop reports for those we supply, principally Apley Farm Shop & Creamery Cafe of course, but also the University of Wolverhampton & local restaurants. From now on, using photos of crops such as these here (currently grown in our polytunnels), those crop reports will be illustrated, which will no doubt help chefs when ordering.

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  1. Corinna Hamilton / Apr 18 2015 10:15 am

    Harriet and Gavin,

    Wonderful that you are starting work on one of the green houses


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