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September 21, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley’s customer service – the management team changing a tyre

Flat tyre imageI love this story, which has just arrived: All kinds of things arise in a normal day at Apley – but we’ve never had 3 of our managers changing a tyre !  

A customer walked into Apley Farm Shop today saying she had a puncture so she had walked to the shop, but still wanted to do some shopping. Gavin Real (General Manager) saw her & said if she did her shopping we’d change her tyre. He wasn’t sure how to do this but at that moment Graeme Manton (our Land Agent) arrived & said he’d be happy to help. So he drove Gavin Real & the customer back to her car & set about changing the wheel, but they couldn’t get it off. Just them [Lord] Gavin Hamilton (Apley Estate owner) was passing on his way to the Farm Shop & stopped. Graeme explained he needed a large mallet to free the wheel. Gavin said “I’ve got one in the back because Harriet always insists we carry one for just this purpose !”. It worked perfectly [I feel very proud here that years of carrying round that mallet has finally been worth it] & the tyre was quickly changed. How about that for customer service ! The whole senior management team involved in sorting out our customer’s problem !

I bought the famous (& inexpensive) rubber mallet in question from our fab local shop, TFM, which I insist on keeping in all our cars, so I never (hopefully) end up looking rather hopeless on the side of the road, with our children inside wondering why their mother can’t fix it !

Apley’s carpenter & Clerk of Works told me when we first arrived (getting me used to mud, punctures & no street lights) to always also have a short plank of wood, so if you’re stuck on a soft verge, you can still jack up your car. Not yet needed, thankfully ! I also keep in the boot rubber gloves & a sheet of plastic, so I can change the tyre without getting filthy ! A neighbour keeps another very useful piece of kit in his car – a digital tyre inflator.




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