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February 13, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Floods – 1885 photo

Page 23 02Have you ever thought of getting all your old photos scanned onto your pc ? I’ve just had all ours done by & as a result, can share with your this very early photo from the Foster photo albums, taken in 1885 of the River Severn in flood. It gives picture evidence that freak flood conditions may not be hailing a Noah’s Ark story, but do just occur at intervals in a meteorological cycle.

On that note, with my weather girl / travel news hat on, on Mon 17 Feb, the A442 from Sutton Maddock to Bridgnorth will be closed due to some essential maintenance which need removing near High Rock. Access to Apley Farm Shop will be via the Rabbit Run (B4176) & Astol Lane from both directions. Apley Farm Shop will be open as usual.

PS I’m thrilled with the work of Photo-Mod who have also converted all our CDs into MP3 files, which we then put very easily into iTunes. Next are our DVDs to play on the ipad on long journeys & after that, making our office paperless !

Most of this week so far, I’ve been getting ready for the Apley Archive Exhibition launch on Wednesday 19 February in The Creamery, 6-7.30pm. Thanks to Photo-Mod’s work, I can now very easily access & share any of the photos from the Foster & Apley Park photo albums.

Until 2006, I created paper / card photo albums, but with only 1 copy & 4 children, there was a problem looming ! Photo-Mod offered the solution. Now all our children can have all our photos & those of their ancestors too. Photo-Mod also reduce the fear of losing all one’s memories in photos due to fire, flood, loss or theft. I’ve never forgotten the experience of friends who lost all their photos in a big house fire, pre-digital photos. They called (there was no email) friends & we all had to post negatives for them to get developed.  How lucky we are to live in the digital age. It was only in 1992 that Tim Berners-Lee published the first photo on the internet !

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