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January 11, 2014 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden news – January 2014

2014-01-08, AWG progress 1 - trees felled  Phil Allen’s progress in Apley Walled Gardens in less than 1 year is amazing. I popped down to the Gardens to yesterday whilst the girls rode in Apley Park, before I came back to London for the start of term. s made even more progress since I last wrote.

He’s felled more of the self seeded trees outside the walls & is waiting for glasshouse panels to be replaced by Foster & Pearson (the same company who made 1 of the glasshouses 100 years ago). They’ve taken away some to use as models.

He’s increasing the number of beds he’s cultivating to 18 this year, each measuring approx. 30 foot x  60-80 foot. To manage them better, they’ll be numbered, which will help with his planting plans, crop rotation & the organisation of the volunteers’ work.

Over Christmas, he did some research & thinks there may have been a garden on this site in the early 1700s, when fires heated the internal wall spaces, without chimney flues, which came later. There are indications that the height of the south wall was originally lower than its present height. 2014-01-09, Orange, grapefruit & potted plants display (12)

He’s been busy planting fruit canes & shrubs: blueberries, gooseberries, gojiberries (one of the supposed superfoods), raspberries, jostaberries, tayberries (I’ve never tasted either of those myself!), blackberries & 3 colours of currants (red, black & white).

Having felled self-seeded birch trees which had grown up in the years when the gardens were out of use, he’s made rustic Spring flower planters using the birch wood, filled with viol2014-01-08, AWG progress 5, gooseberries, gojiberries, raspberries, jostaberry, tayberry, blackberries, 3 currantsas, daffodils, narcissi, cyclamen, ivy, primulas & hyacinths.

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