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May 20, 2013 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Staff profiles – Dave Powell, Gamekeeper

???????????????????????????????We have at least 3 staff birthdays this month & today, 20 May, it’s Dave Powell’s birthday. He’s worked on Apley for nearly 40 years, starting when he was 16 on leaving Oldbury Wells School in Bridgnorth. He first worked on the Home Farm as a farm labourer, then trained as a gamekeeper under George Farmer.

After 12 months training, he was appointed Gamekeeper on the Stockton End shoot.  When he first began, there were 5 gamekeeper for the 5 shoots (Patmarsh, Grindle, Stockton, Bromley, Winscote). The 6th shoot, Chestnut Coppice, run as a syndicate on the far side of the River [Severn], has a part time gamekeeper. Stan & Craig Childs ran Grindle, Kevin Childs ran Patmarsh, Ken Ray ran Bromley & Freddie Cooke ran Winscote.

Dave gave a very informative talk recently to the Apley Cookery Club, describing the process of rearing pheasants & partridges, as well as the important nature conservation work which that involves. He has very considerable countryside knowledge & clearly enjoys sharing it with others.

In his spare time for 35 years, he has played football, starting in the adult team for Norton aged 13. He then played for 2 teams in Highley, Kidderminster First Division & Kidderminster Premiere Division. He loves working outdoors, watching nature on the the Estate changing with the seasons.

He lives locally with his wife Sue. They have 2 sons & 3 grandchildren, all of whom also live locally.  Dave’s Uncle Bert Powell is now one of the oldest people on the Estate, with a very sharp memory & still very fit & well. Many people I meet tell me they’re somehow related to the Powells. And if not the Powells, they’re part of the Roberts, Humphries or Middleton families ! Everyone in Norton & on the Apley Estate seems to be linked in someway to those 4 dynasties !

He often has a barbecue & clay piegon shoot with a friend, whose birthday is almost on the same day. This year, he’s looking forward to being given a new ‘working day’ watch.

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  1. Andrew Edwatds / Oct 2 2018 8:55 pm

    I met Dave when I started as a YTS Gamekeeper at Patmarsh, under Kevin Childs.
    Not seen Dave for many years, but may drop by the next time I’m in Shropshire.

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